The ADINO Difference

ADINO Nutrition was founded with the mission to create the finest products possible--unparalleled in taste, texture, and ingredients. Unsatisfied with the current protein bars on the market, we set out to create bars that meet our strict standards:

1.  First and foremost, ADINO Nutrition will develop products that we want to buy ourselves, and prefer over all others. If it doesn't pass that test, it doesn't make it out of development. 

2.  Our products will have the best macro nutritional ratios of protein/fat and protein/sugar, while not sacrificing taste or texture. ADINO Bars must contain more protein than either sugar or fat.  This is non-negotiable in making it to the market.

3.  Only quality ingredients--no garbage ingredients just to get it to taste like a candy bar.

4.  Nice texture without the bad after taste that plagues so many protein bars. ADINO Bars do not crumble on your lap, in the car, or leave a mess on your hands. And the taste will leave you wanting more.

5. ADINO Nutrition always strives for the best combination of protein/fat/sugar that is pleasurable to eat without resorting to sugar alcohols or other undesirable ingredients.

We promise to relentlessly pursue excellence in all of our products.

Key ingredients found in our bars:

  • grass fed whey protein
  • organic honey - the source of added sugars
  • organic green banana flour - a superfood
  • organic oats
  • organic cinnamon
  • organic kale and spinach